Sysprep a BizTalk 2009 VHD or renaming a BizTalk 2009 Dev Box

Posted: May 14, 2009  |  Categories: BizTalk Uncategorized

Creating several BizTalk 2009 VHDs on Windows Server 2008 for your development team? Need to rename a BizTalk 2009 development machine? Well look no further than the admin samples that are part of the BizTalk 2009 SDK.

It contains the scripts you need to rename the machine in the registry, databases, etc, so that BizTalk will continue working after a sysprep’d VHD is started for the first time and the name is changed.

The path to it after you install the SDK on your BizTalk machine is <BizTalk installation path>\SDK\Samples\Admin\Sysprep

The online documentation is


The sysprep information in the SDK is a great starting point – but you may have to modify the scripts if you are not using domain accounts and groups for SQL Server and BizTalk. Also, if you are using BAM it is advisable to keep BAM unconfigured on the sysprep’d image and configure it after the first machine start and the scripts are run.



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  1. Hi Thiago — The link to the MSDN online documentation is no longer available. MSDN have removed this topic unfortunately.

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