Communication with all MessageBoxes has now been re-established

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Microsoft have released a hotfix for information messages in the BizTalk Server 2009 event log that read something like “Communication with MessageBox <message box database name> on SQL Instance <SQL server instance name> has been re-established”, with event ID 6999 followed by a “Communication with all MessageBoxes has now been re-established” information entry with event ID 7000.

Below are examples of such messages:

image image

For example, for one simple change of a pipeline component on a receive port I get twelve of these entries in the event log:


These will be put in the event log any time there is a configuration changes from the Administration Console AND for changes made through the ExplorerOM dll. The messages are harmless and it just means that BizTalk has refreshed its configuration. As the KB article itself says they’re pretty useless (“These Application log entries do not contain important information”).

Imagine on a system that has constant changes to its configuration? For example, we have a system where actions done on a web site results in send ports being automatically created, deleted or edited. Each time this is done a few of these entries appear in the event log. It’s easy to realize how this can impact on the event log size and also get in the way of support people trying to find messages in the event log.

I have tested the hotfix on my development machine and voilà no messages appear from changes performed either through the Administration Console or through the ExplorerOM dll.

The hotfix does require a restart at the end so make sure you follow proper downtime/maintenance procedures on production environments:


Here is the link in case you missed it at the beginning of the post:


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