Auckland Connected Systems User Group Meeting 16 August – Getting Your Head In The Cloud

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The next ACSUG meeting is set for the 12th of August at 6:00pm at Datacom, 210 Federal Street downtown Auckland. Register here.


The introduction of cloud computing marks a significant change in the IT industry. Offering scalability, flexibility, efficiency and lower costs, the benefits of this technology are widespread and generating a lot of attention from CIO’s, architects and technology leaders as businesses and government look to leverage ‘the Cloud’ within their organisations.

Software plus Services (S+S) is Microsoft’s vision for the connected world. When you combine the ever growing power of devices and the increasing ubiquity of the Web, you come up with a sum that is greater than its parts. The best of installed software and online services.

Is this technology for you? Make up your own mind when you understand the what, why, where, when and how of cloud computing.

Key learning points:

1. Cloud computing is a hot topic right now, discover exactly what it is and why you should be interested.

2. What does it mean for IT in NZ (government, enterprise, small business etc.)?

3. A look at the Windows Azure offering and other Online Services from Microsoft.


Scott Wylie leads the Developer and Platform Strategy Group at Microsoft in New Zealand which means working with the DPE team to excite customers and communities about Microsoft’s new and emerging technologies. He was previously the NZ practice manager for Microsoft Services. Prior to Microsoft he worked in Australia, the UK and the US in a variety of ISV and corporate environments – having started his career in the early 80’s as an IBM 370 assembler programmer! After hours he can be found playing with his band ‘President Gas’ and spending time with his family.

Register here to attend. Free entry, pizza and drinks provided.


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