New issue of BizTalk HotRod released

Posted: April 21, 2009  |  Categories: BizTalk Uncategorized


I’ve just received an email (along with some other people’s email addresses in the To field) from the BizTalk HotRod magazine editor mentioning the new issue of the BizTalk HotRod magazine.

The issue has some amazing articles that every BizTalk professional should look at:

Writing Great BizTalk Applications by Rajinder Singh

BizTalk Rule Engine, a practical application by Alexander Krotov

Development Challenges with XML over AS2 by Suresh Kumar R & Sijo Jose T

Batching Outbound Messages: Management of Multiple Batch Criteria per Party by Bhola Meena

Hierarchical naming convention for BizTalk Messaging artifacts by David Hurtado Toran

To Be, Or Logical Not To Be: If-Then-Else in BizTalk Maps by Chris Romp

Enhancing the BizTalk Mapper: How to Wrap XSLT in Custom Functoids by Richard T. Broida

Muenchian Grouping and Sorting in XSLT by Chris Romp

Eliminate BizTalk Admin Problems with Terminator by Larry Meadows

Static Code Analysis for BizTalk Using BizTalkCop – Avoiding Common Pitfalls by Benny Mathew


You can download the issue here:



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