Charles Young on Dublin and BizTalk Server, and other tidbits

Posted: October 17, 2008  |  Categories: BizTalk Uncategorized

If you follow or stumble upon my blog and haven’t read Charles Young’s post about Dublin and BizTalk I really suggest you do. His articulate views on how how the two fare against each other (and the subsequent Comments on the post) are a great read. He also follows Microsoft’s direction of calming down nervous developers and companies using BizTalk who were by now fearing the end of it. It’s certainly fuelled some internal discussions here at work. Nice to see his article before the flurry of posts to come after PDC.

Another tidbits:

– The Technical Adoption Program (TAP) for BizTalk 2009 is closed for new applications. This means the first Beta release of BizTalk 2009 shouldn’t be too far, so watch out for it

– The other day a co-worker wanted to go through the BizTalk Tutorials. He later called me saying he found one of my posts through Google that helped him with what he needed to set them up. That was so gratifying! One of the main purposes of me having this blog is for me and others to have a reference to issues and tricks I run into so it’s great to hear it’s actually being useful (I guess I don’t need to post that ‘Hi Mom’ entry I had saved up!)

– Enjoy PDC to all of those going

– I bought an iPhone 3G and I am loving it. Haven’t run into any data usage issues like Mick in Australia!

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