BizTalk Server R3 trickle feed

Isn’t it fun how Microsoft trickle feeds us BizTalk information hungry souls with details about BizTalk Server R3? It is already in a TAP program so surely they know a lot about it…

Like Nick Heppleston’s “BizTalk to Incorporate Covast B2B Capabilities” post I am also concerned about them acquiring Covast’s B2B capabilities. It is on one side quite exciting because Covast will add support to industry specific standards (Retail, Manufacturing, etc) and new adapters, but it will certainly get everyone thinking: what? Didn’t Microsoft just introduce their own EDI and AS2 adapters and tools? Hopefully they’ll be able to merge the two, as improbable as this may sound.

Another one is UDDI and SOA patterns and practices. This is the direction the ESB Guidance was going, so it’s nice to see it incorporated into a BizTalk release. But we can only wonder for now.

At any rate, because Oslo is still far away, it is without a doubt a required release to support the 2008 gang: Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008. Maybe it should have been called BizTalk Server 2008. And of course, as Steven Martin himself says, they might as well introduce all of the additional capabilities they have available at the moment.

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