Microsoft’s Middleware and BizTalk Server Roadmap

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A specific session at the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is very important for those wondering about Microsoft’s future plans for BizTalk Server and also their broader middleware platform.

This session contains the latest messaging from Microsoft to customers and partners on the subject and touches on several important topics like the myth that BizTalk Server is dead, the new middleware approach, and how the two merge.

So what are you waiting for?

AP03 – The Future of Middleware and the BizTalk Roadmap

If you have a development practice or you are an ISV and you create complex solutions for customers, you need a number of middleware capabilities at your disposal. BizTalk Server has been at the center of Microsoft’s Middleware platform for a number of years, to provide many of these capabilities. AppFabric, both on-premise and on Windows Azure provides additional capabilities as well as some overlapping ones. So what is the strategy here, what is Microsoft up to long term and short term? How will this affect solutions you create and what opportunities will it create for your company? In this session, you will get the answers to these questions.

[Edit 2011-07-16]

I would be remiss if I didn’t link to Richard Seroter’s post “Is BizTalk Server Going Away At Some Point? Yes. Dead? Nope. ”, sparked by presentation I mention above. Richard has brilliantly put into words the views of many of us in the industry, and is a must-read.

Regards, Thiago

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